Baudrillard – Postmodern Eucharist

I’m still busy with papers (although I handed in two yesterday which just leaves this Badiou piece on fidelity for Thursday) so I figured I’d just quickly post this video I made a couple of years ago when I was still posting videos on YouTube (in case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted a video since finishing my undergrad). I was thinking about this video while I was grocery shopping this afternoon and realized that it’s probably just as relevant to Zizek’s work as Baudrillard (maybe moreso):

I’m still interested in exploring Baudrillard’s thought more, but I can’t see myself tackling that task in the near future which is entirely consumed with Schelling. I have been thinking of a paper idea using Baudrillard recently though. I think something needs to be written on Graham’s Object-Oriented Philosophy and Baudrillard’s concept of seduction. I think the latter would only help the former.

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