A Triumphant Irruption of the Plant in Us

Check this out: Zarathustra vs. the Muck-Encrusted Mockery of a Man!

Courtesy of BldgBlog (although actually found on his twitter).

Swamp Thing

I had never made the connection between the Swamp Thing and Nietzsche before, but remembering back to my childhood (when I was a pretty big comic book fan, one of only a few in my small town), the connection seems obvious.

– Swamp Thing is an example of the Eternal Return (going by Alan Moore’s version). There have always been Swamp Things defending The Green, and it seems there always will be.

– Swamp Thing is More-Than-Man. In the initial version, he was a human who became part plant and gained superhuman powers, whereas in Moore’s retelling, he was a vegetable-entity who dreamed he was a human. I think the latter case is actually superior in this situation. The vegeman was without human flaws (obviously, he would have his own), was quite literally infinite (could regenerate, but also could reincarnate) as his identity is not “this human being,” but “this infinite underground network of plant-stuff.” Is the Swamp Thing rhizomal-man?

I’ll have to end this here, I have a seminar on Freud and Lacan that I have to prepare for. I may add to this later when I’ve thought more about it (I feel like I have a lot to say about this “plant in us”).

Title taken from Deleuze/Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus.

Swamp Thing



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3 responses to “A Triumphant Irruption of the Plant in Us

  1. I always think of it as the “eternal recurrence”, but that’s just being picky. The bottom image is a clear reference to Daphne, Apollo’s girlfriend.

    Really starting to dig this “pop”-vitalism thing you’ve got going…

  2. Yes, the connection to Daphne is striking. Thanks for pointing that out!

    It’s not intended to be a pop-vitalism (in the derogatory sense, though I know you don’t mean it that way), but I find so many excellent examples of my ideas (and those of others) in the swarm of culture that I can’t help myself but to grab to handfuls of examples!

  3. Ben Woodard

    The Heap, Man-thing and Concrete fit in here too…I think

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