Herakut / Graffiti

Beautiful works of art from Herakut. One of the things I haven’t written about on here is my love for graffiti. I think it has the power to be absolutely amazing art. My final project for my philosophy of space/architecture class in undergrad was a proposal for a vacant lot, and my proposal ended up being a graffiti park called “Open Space;” which was inspired largely by Baudrillard’s writings on the subject. Along with architecture more generally, I’d like to try to incorporate more art into this blog along with the usual philosophical writings.

Posts are going to be light for the next while, maybe a couple of weeks, as I finish up the semester. I have a lot of writing to do by the 22nd or so. I’m planning on writing an entry on Badiou in the next little while (one of the pieces I’m working on is on Badiou and politics), and as soon as the semester is done, I’ll probably have the next Bones of Ghosts piece written. Expect something on my thesis in the near future as well; my proposal should be approved soon and then I’ll feel comfortable talking about it in more detail.


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  1. Anders Bentsen-Bøhm

    Hi Michael
    Did you ever check out that french artist called ZEVS?

    Anyway. I myself are having some mixed feelings about graffiti. There is a sort of “raping” implicit in the act of covering other peoples archetecture. It´s kind of like saying. “I know my art is better, more beautiful and more interesting than yours – Therefore I force myself upon you knowing you will like it, and if you don´t I don´t care because I know better.”
    I realize that many graffiti-artist think the many buildings around the cities are boring, but I find that it really comes down to matter of taste. I myself have often found that the graffiti made the wall even more unpleasent even more “boring” actually.
    If graffiti-artists, and I see this a lot, want to make themselves look better or want to have more respect, their work really needs to be more interesting instead of just “pretty”. But then again: The same could be said for archetects…

    AB-B out

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