Metaphysical Vampires

From a work in progress:

There is a specter haunting the world, the specter of the beginning. The horror that is the beginning looms over all that is, filling the world with despair, our hearts with melancholy. This is a world haunted, always. Filled with the Undead, our world is writhing with the figures of evil, of pain and suffering, of anguish. This is no more clear than in the fear of the vampire, the prince of darkness. The figure of the vampire is the antithesis to that of the Christ. Not romantic in the slightest, the vampire is destruction and desperation, a clinging to something like life without the meaning, the purpose. Only the drive (Trieb) remains, the hunger. They hunger. While the vampire drains all life, destroys being, the Christ bestows life eternally. The vampires of ontology want nothing but to restore the original Nothingness that can never return. They want nothing less than the absolute nothingness of Non-Being; they are the will that wills Nothing, that feels no kinship to the world of things, to existence, but wants only for the pain of hunger to cease.

The Vampire
“The Vampire” by Edvard Munch

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