Leibniz was right!

Stop the presses and re-read your Monadology — Leibniz was right all along!

A new paper argues that even the tiniest of particles have some sort of free will:

It asserts, roughly, that if indeed we humans have free will, then elementary particles already have their own small share of this valuable commodity. More precisely, if the experimenter can freely choose the directions in which to orient his apparatus in a certain measurement, then the particle’s response (to be pedantic—the universe’s response near the particle) is not determined by the entire previous history of the universe.


Some readers may object to our use of the term “free will” to describe the indeterminism of particle responses. Our provocative ascription of free will to elementary particles is deliberate, since our theorem asserts that if experimenters have a certain freedom, then particles have exactly the same kind of freedom. Indeed, it is natural to suppose that this latter freedom is the ultimate explanation of our own.

You can read the paper here.


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3 responses to “Leibniz was right!

  1. This is in line with Whitehead as well as Leibniz.

  2. Surely Leibniz appears to be right, but he was speculating therefore it’s clearly just a coincidence…

  3. Mikhail, I think there’s clearly sarcasm dripping over my Leibnizian affirmation, but thanks for playing along.

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