Summer Activities (because all the cool kids are doing it)

Some of these things need to get done, some I’d like to get done. Maybe by putting this list on the Internet I’ll feel pressured to accomplish more than I would otherwise.


– I need to finish editing work on the Companion to Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Religious Life.

– Start work on Analecta Hermeneutica Volume II, though this may not actually happen until the fall. I have a few pieces for it that I’ve already started, and I’ll probably have time to finish them before the summer is up.

– Edit my undergraduate thesis for publication in AHII, essentially rearranging the chapters and rewriting bits so it makes sense with such arranging.

– Edit paper on OOP, submitting it likely to PhaenEx. (Any other journal suggestions for such a piece? I’m biased toward open access journals. Plus PhaenEx is Canadian and I have to be patriotic or something.)

– Aren’t I editting the first English translation of Schelling’s Aphorisms? Oops. I’ll get on that.


– I have a paper on Zizek on death drive (and vampires!) that I really want to finish. It feels like it’s been half-done for ages. It should write itself once I sit down and do it.

– The paper on Badiou and the Ur-Event which I’ve put on hold for now. It’s mostly done since it’s really just expanding on one of my finals from this past semester. I’d still like to get it done this summer.

– Super-secret project with Ben. Shh, don’t tell anyone! (This will likely be the first published piece on spectral realism, which excites me more than it probably should.)

– Another paper on Badiou (this one involves robots!) I doubt I’ll have time for this one any time soon though. We’ll see. It’s based loosely on something I’ve written and I’m hoping it was also write itself similar to the Zizek piece above. Both Badiou pieces will likely be on hold until the two other pieces are done since they are related. Gotta think of the tactics here.


– Beiser’s hefty tome on German Idealism, or at least relevant sections for my thesis.

– Magee’s book Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition, since it has a lot about Schelling’s upbringing and early theological interests, as well as the relation to people like Oetinger and Bohme.

– Basically (re-)read as much Schelling as possible without knowing German.

– Some other background texts for my thesis, like Herder’s book on Spinoza, and some more historical texts on Pietism and German Romanticism.

Wow, it seems like a lot when you write it out like that. Eep. Fortunately, I don’t mind putting things like the Badiou papers on hold, which makes all of my work (except the AH stuff) all related to each other. I’d like to get the bulk of this done as well as start writing my thesis (I say start, but I already have some stuff written already). There it is.

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