The Edge of the World

The Ocean at Quidi Vidi

I really needed that yesterday. Manda and I went for a walk over to Quidi Vidi and ended up just sitting for a long time enjoying the isolation and the ocean. I think I sorted some things out, philosophical issues I was having based on recent discussions here. Basically I had started to think that maybe what I’m working on, what I’ve been writing is nothing more than human centered thought. But sitting in that place, feeling the wind off the ocean and seeing history in the wearing away of rocks, I realized that I’m not trapped in the human-world relation, that while there is a place for the human being, the essentials of spectral realism don’t require human beings at all.

Anyway, I’ll write more on this later. Right now, I need to read an essay on Fichte for Jockey Club this afternoon, being presented by a Hegelian (oh what fun).

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  1. Mallory

    You are seriously the coolest.

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