Meillassoux’ Spectral Dilemma

I’m introducing Meillassoux’ “Spectral Dilemma” (from Collapse IV) and leading the discussion at tomorrow’s Jockey Club. This means I also have to introduce his work more generally. I know basically what I want to say, but was wondering what you all think I should highlight about this essay in particular and his work more generally. I’ve read After Finitude and this essay, but that’s about it, so if people can reference important points from other works, that would be especially interesting and helpful. Basically, I’m planning on introducing his critique of correlationism, and his turn through his own speculative materialism to absolute contingency (Chaos), which is really the ground for this essay in particular. Anything else that should be covered?


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  1. Ben Woodard

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe something on Meillassoux and his relation to philosophy in general which, besides what you already mentioned, might entail a discussion of how he sees thought’s relation to the absolute and the real in terms of mathematics and contra-Laruelle – basically what he talks about in his contribution in Collapse 3.

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