Now I’m Famous on Internet

There’s an interview with Nick Srnicek over there on Paul Ennis’ blog. You should read it, it’s good.

I knew Nick and I were tight (we’re totally friends on Facebook, so you know, blood brothers or something). But then he goes and mentions me in the company of Ben, Adrian Johnston and Catherine Malabou! Like whoa! Awesome! (The really bizarre thing is that I read that interview at the office last night while working late, and the reason I had gone there in the first place was to pick up Malabou’s book on Hegel and see if my copy of Johnston’ Zizek’s Ontology had arrived in the mail. Weird.) Anyway, thanks for the mention Nick, and for placing me in such good company. Looking forward to the mystery project!


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2 responses to “Now I’m Famous on Internet

  1. Mariborchan

    For me, you got famous the day you joined YouTube and pwned MrCropper.

  2. Thanks. I still can’t get over the fact that he is considered intelligent by anyone, let alone the fact that he actually has “fans.” I shudder to think about what could happen if his popularity grew at all.

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