Fly On The Wall


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3 responses to “Fly On The Wall

  1. himanshu damle

    this is bizzarre. what is your own impression of this?
    thank you,
    himanshu damle

  2. I like it very much. I appreciate the fluidity of the work, the fact that you see it as continually “in progress” rather than the standard view the observer gets of art as always already complete. The incompleteness makes it unique and wonderful.

  3. himanshu damle

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    Continually “In progress”: i thought this would be an answer, albeit not in the exactitude of words, but in idea. That is why, I posed another question on the different article asking for a possible alliance between Derrida and Agamben.
    What if a maverick from another planet writes a book titled: “Uncanny becoming and canny becoming”? Very sincerely, Would this be a horror of or to Humanism? Iam independently thinking on these lines and I find a state of becoming[s] or potentialities too vectoral in thought. It is futuristic and is always present in its happenings. what really troubles me is: it must have always been happening, then who took the snapshot of ‘Being’? and why?
    I hope I have made a sensible articulation.
    Thanking in anticipation,
    himanshu damle

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