The Botany of Desire

I’ve written about Michael Pollan before; I think his work “from the plant’s perspective” could (and should) be a great resource for both Object-Oriented Philosophy as well as Neo-Vitalism. Now my favourite of his books, The Botany of Desire, has been made into a documentary for PBS and it looks really good. Here’s a preview:



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3 responses to “The Botany of Desire

  1. I’m doing some stuff with Pollan myself now. Can you point me to what you’ve written?

  2. Sure, it’s nothing significant or anything, though I have thought a lot about writing a paper on OOP and Pollan (I simply have too many other papers and books to worry about right now). I posted a video and wrote a little bit here:

    I also wrote an email to Graham which can be found here:

    I’d love to know what you’re working on that involves Michael Pollan, I love his biographies of plants.

  3. Ah, I missed both of those somehow. Thanks for the pointers.

    Pollan’s Botany of Desire, and Alan Weisman’s World Without Us, are two examples of concrete (if still overly human-centered) examples of applied object-oriented ontology. I’m taking this up in my work on “alien phenomenology.” I’ve written about it before in a sort of tentative way (published but not online), but I’ll be going more public with it in my keynote at the Society for Literature Science and the Arts in a few weeks. Its on its way to a small book.

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