Mid-November Update

I have been swamped with non-blog duties lately. We’re now basically done with the Heidegger book, which is great. Going over what I think will be the final draft over the next week or so and then its off to the publisher and out of our hands. Work has also begun in earnest on AH Vol. II, to be published in January. Re-formatting and proofing of some of the early essays is happening as we speak!

I’ve also been working more on the Freud book recently after starting and stopping since my grandmother passed away. I’m feeling good about the most recently written stuff (isn’t that always the way?) and am hoping to carry this momentum as long as possible. I also figured out a way to integrate some material that I thought would have to be excluded as too tangential, which I’m happy about. I think the flow of the book will be much better because of this. After a dreary Fall I think I’m looking at a more productive Winter.

I did some guest lectures for a couple of courses at the university recently. The first was on Zizek and ecology in an environmental philosophy course. I filled in for a couple of days, the first of which we watched An Inconvenient Truth, then the second day was strictly lecturing on Zizek, capitalism, crisis, and environmentalism. In the hermeneutics class I’m sitting in on, I did a crash-course in structuralism before we began reading Derrida since no one in the class knew anything about it.

In more blog-related news, Paul Ennis has moved forward with the kernel of an idea for a journal, going full steam ahead and making it a reality in the form of Speculations. I’m happy to be helping out in this endeavor as well and look forward to further developments.

Also, this Speculative Realism Pathfinder has got my interest. Does anyone know the meaning of this site?


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3 responses to “Mid-November Update

  1. as I’ve said elsewhere, this was a project for a Library & Information Science class of mine. It is not comprehensive and I don’t consider myself a theory expert, so feel free to correct me on anything. No offense is meant by anything and quite frankly I’m a little shocked at how quickly this made the blog rounds; I thought I would post it so my professor could see it but I never thought anyone else would notice.
    -Eric Phetteplace
    UIUC Graduate Studies in Library & Information Science

  2. this = the SR Pathfinder, sorry wasn’t clear about that.

  3. Thanks for the info Eric. I’m in no way offended by it, I was just curious as to whether it had to do with a course on SR really since I think a couple have popped up already and that was how I interpreted it. I’m also flattered that you thought to include me, so thanks for that as well.

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