January Update / a new body, a new blog


Something I don’t talk about on here because I’m never sure how personal I want this blog to be (I waiver between wanting it to be fairly academic to being simply the personal blog of an academic) is that I suffer from depression. I have for a number of years now (twelve in fact) and it’s just something I have to deal with. I’ve been in something of a funk since classes ended last month and besides that, editing duties have kept me from writing anything substantial. I know I owe a couple of people emails and I’ll get back to them soon.

I have however decided I should talk about another blog I’m running now. I started a Tumblr a while ago basically just for myself as a way to keep track of things I like or thought were interesting but for one reason or another didn’t want to post on here. I always feel somehow guilty when I post something like a video or a work of art on here without commentary, whereas the Tumblr is something of a dumping place for anything and everything that interests me. I’m considering it something of an aesthetic experiment since it is largely filled with pictures and video, almost as if I am deriving my own aesthetic through collecting. I really like the idea of balancing out my interests, saving this space for texts and the Tumblr for collections and fragments. So if you’re interested, that is, if you share my aesthetic for the nostalgic, for the fragmented, etc, then drop by a new body, whose title comes from a work of fiction I wrote and destroyed some time ago, but whose title I always liked. It’s got a fairly substantial archive at this point and should take someone a while to work through. I’ve begun adding to it regularly.


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  1. Benoît

    You may want to follow http://theidiots.tumblr.com. I have a thought in the middle of birth I’d like you to consider.

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