Announcement: Hollywood’s Undead and the Philosophy of Fear

Hollywood's Undead

I wanted to announce that I’m giving a public lecture a week from today. I was asked to give a talk on psychoanalysis and I’ve decided to talk about psychoanalysis and film, specifically vampire and zombie movies. The paper I’m presenting can be understood in three ways: First, I want to discuss the trajectory that these creatures have undergone throughout the history of cinema. Second, I will discuss what this trajectory means in terms of what we fear, assuming of course that Zizek is right and that films express our own beliefs and fears better than we can ourselves. Third, I want to present my own critique of apocalyptic films of this nature.

This is a topic that’s been on my mind for some time now and I look forward to being able to talk about it as part of this great series. Here’s a blurb about the lecture series from the MUN Philosophy site:

St. John’s Public Lectures in Philosophy
Presented By Memorial University’s Philosophy Department

The reasons for this series of lectures are to support the intrinsic value of public, philosophical discussion, to provide a free public forum for such discussion, and to stimulate a culture and love of learning in St. John’s. The lectures last approximately 30 to 40 minutes and are followed by an hour of discussion. The lectures deal with a wide variety of philosophical topics and all citizens are invited to participate. The lectures occur on the last Tuesday of each month.


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3 responses to “Announcement: Hollywood’s Undead and the Philosophy of Fear

  1. Cool! Wish I could be there. Maybe I might manage to mindlessly shamble across this frozen waste of a country and get there, but it would probably take more than six days…Good luck!

  2. c25

    I’d love to see it! Just did a few posts about zombies that are critical of some older psychoanalytic readings of zombies/vampires/cannibalism (ie Robin Wood)

    Also I finally got around to watching Cronenberg’s Rabid (just came to netflix recently) and it’s a really wonderful different look @ zombies. One woman is infecting everyone, totally sexualized, alot on epidemic and martial law…

  3. I think that in ‘In Defence of Lost Causes’, Žižek talks about monstrosity as a concept, and analyzes Frankenstein films. Just thought you might want to look at it.

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