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Speculations Update!


Paul has unveiled the contents of Speculations vol. 1 including my piece titled “To Exist is to Change: A Friendly Disagreement With Graham Harman On Why Things Happen.” I’m glad to hear that my piece is being taken as “fun news” by Graham and not as some upstart on the attack. You should also check out this post by Thomas Gokey on the design of the journal and the various forms it will take. As I’m sure everyone who reads this knows, I’m a firm believer in open-access publishing. I’m really proud to be part of such an endeavor and thank Paul for the opportunity to contribute to such a project. Speaking of open-access publishing, the latest volume of Analecta Hermeneutica, subtitled “Questioning the Absolute” should also be live before the end of the month. This is my first volume as Reviews Editor and second serving as an editorial assistant. I’ll keep everyone posted about these and other publishing developments as they happen. Tune in next time, same philosophy time, same philosophy channel.

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