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Journal related news

A few brief bits of news.

Here’s the call for papers for the first issue of Thinking Nature, co-edited by Ben Woodard and Timothy Morton:

Thinking Nature

Issue 1 Call for Papers


Authors are invited to submit articles for Thinking Nature on the topic of Nature and Thought. More specifically we are interested in papers which address the degree to which philosophy, science, aesthetic, as well as other intellectual approaches adequately (or inadequately) grasp nature whether materially or conceptually. More generally, we hope that contributions will be broad yet specific enough to provide various directions for future issues.

Please send submissions by August 31st.

Submissions should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words.

For references please use footnotes and not end notes.

Please send submissions to


Things are almost done with Analecta Hermeneutica Vol. 2 (2010): Questioning the Absolute. It should go live next week. Stay tuned for the CFP for the third volume, to appear in 2011.


I got the page proofs for my article in Speculations. I won’t have time to really look them over until tomorrow, but upon first brush it looks very nice.


That means that by next week, with AH2 wrapped up, I’ll actually have time to go back to writing which is great because I’ve had a couple of essays almost done for far too long that I need to finish up and send off.

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