At The Mountains of Madness film script reviewed


I just came across this review of a slightly old version of the script for Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of Lovecraft’s novella. Read the review and weep quietly to yourself as you realize a great story built entirely on atmosphere and the protagonist’s lack of comprehension is turned into a standard Hollywood monster-chases-people movie.



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4 responses to “At The Mountains of Madness film script reviewed

  1. Fabio Cunctator

    Gotta love this paragraph:

    ‘Those who perceive Lovecraft merely as an eccentric who wrote about some cool mega-monsters with lots of tentacles and slimy orifices are in for a treat here’.

  2. Uh oh. This is disappointing. When I recently heard that del Toro was putting his talents towards translating Lovecraft to the screen I was apprehensive, but hopeful. Less so now. Has there ever been a good film based on Lovecraft’s writing? Besides the recent short black and white adaptation of Call of Cthulhu

  3. horatiox

    Lovecraft’s few interesting and fairly well-written visions don’t make up for all the pulpy pseudo-scientific, quasi occultic, wannabe klansman bullcrap.

    and a cartload of objet petit ah’s aren’t going to help that

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