The Schelling Effect?: Philosophy in the Shadows


I gave a guest-lecture for one of the graduate seminars here at MUN last week. The course is a historical reading of Schelling’s Freiheitsschrift, providing the context necessary for a thorough reading of Schelling’s essay from Spinoza, to Kant, to Fichte, to Boehme. My lecture took the opposite strategy, making a case for taking Schelling as a significant figure by tracing his ideas and concepts through post-Schellingian thought. I’ve decided to post the handout from this otherwise unscripted lecture since I know there are people who frequent this blog who are very much interested in Schelling and his effect on philosophy. I hope this will help those interested further their study of some of Schelling’s key concepts.

I have posted the handout here on my page.



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3 responses to “The Schelling Effect?: Philosophy in the Shadows

  1. The Lichenthrope

    Is there a recording of this, by any chance? Or can you recommend readings that explore these connections?

  2. I didn’t record it, no. I’m not sure but I don’t think anyone in attendance recorded it either.

    Which authors are you particularly interested in? I give some of the relevant book titles on the handout (Bulgakov’s Philosophy of Economy and Alexander’s Space, Time, Deity for instance), and some of them are fairly obvious (for Heidegger I am thinking Being and Time, etc).

  3. The Lichenthrope

    Haha. You know what? It didn’t even occur to me that those might be book titles. Guess I’m kind of a doofus. Thanks.

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