Link Post for September 29th

Here’s some news you can use:

  • John Caputo is conducting a seminar on the future of continental philosophy of religion, using many speculative realist and contemporary materialist sources. The syllabus is available as a PDF here, while the lectures are being recorded and can be found here. Caputo even pulls some quotes from Speculations Vol. I in the first lecture.
  • Speaking of audio, the recordings from the Accelerationism event have been posted and can be found here. There’s also a video on YouTube of part of Ray’s talk here.
  • Alain Badiou will be speaking on his translation of Plato’s Republic in New York. Details are here.
  • More participants have been added to the first Cyclonopedia Symposium, Leper Creativity, to be held at the New School in March. This looks to be a very interesting event with some great people involved (h/t Nicola).
  • Also from Nicola, the new volume of Glossator is live and available here.

I’ve been tied up with writing for the past while. I should have a couple small things done over the next few days and will be trying to get back into the habit of writing here once my schedule loosens up a little.


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