Returning to Freud

Freud and Freud

I’m slowly trying to get back in to Freud. My advisor described the process as akin to getting into a hot bath and he’s right. Get in too quickly and it hurts like hell, while getting in too slowly leaves no enjoyment either (I’d even say it leaves you cold!). In any case, I’ve been going through my own notes rather than back directly to the texts. I guess it’s a good sign that my own ideas from months ago still seem interesting and valuable. The writing I’ve been going over is mostly on Beyond the Pleasure Principle and Totem and Taboo, and I’m hoping to do something rather soon with the latter (a short article I think). I haven’t talked a lot about Freud publicly, though he’s always there. I had wanted to include a section on him in my Claremont paper, but ended up not having room and even having to cut the material I already had on Nietzsche to get the paper under twenty minutes. Hopefully this little article will give some idea as to what I’m trying to do in my own “return to Freud,” in opposition to the structuralist return.

First though, I’m waiting to be able to finish up my piece for Speculations II. I’m missing a reference and waiting for the book to be recalled so I can find it. Once that’s done, I’ll be diving head-first back in to Freud, trying to get this bit of work done quickly, only to jump right back to post-Kantian and contemporary metaphysics, with work on Schelling, Kant and Meillassoux, then back to Freudian stuff, though by then I’ll be looking at a few ways of reading Freud (structuralist, Freudo-Marxist, therapeutic, and neuro-scientific). Part of that work will involve working through Malabou’s Les Nouveaux Blessés. The plan is to take that work on Freud and Malabou and submit it to the sixteenth volume of theory@buffalo on Malabou, due sometime in September. Sometime in there I wanted to try to write something on Schelling and Laruelle as well. Maybe that will be my submission to CSCP. Anyway, I have to run to a public lecture on Kant and Levinas. More soon.


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