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Recent Publications

Some of you may be interested to read my recent publications on metaphysics and psychoanalysis!

The first appears in Thinking Nature, Volume 1, edited by Ben Woodard and Tim Morton. It’s on the concept of the metaphysical unconscious as it arose in 19th Century German thought. It essentially proposes an alternative to the limited metaphysical options proposed by Meillassoux in After Finitude. While he claims that the only options in the wake of Kant short of dogmatism are weak and strong correlationism, or speculative materialism. I propose another option.

The second appears in the International Journal of Žižek Studies, Volume 5, No. 2. In this essay I explore the idea that Žižek and Badiou’s work can be read as responses to the question posed to Lacan and taken up in Seminar XI, that of ontology. I look at the two thinkers as each taking up a potential reading of the Real in Seminar XI, with Žižek presenting a phenomenological ontology and Badiou presenting us with a formal ontology.

More to come.

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