Liberate your research through open access publishing

I’ll be participating in a panel here at MUN on open-access publishing this week. I am of course an advocate of OA and will be talking about my experiences with both writing for and editing OA volumes. Full info is below:

Workshop: Liberate your research through open access publishing: local success stories

When: 12:30-2pm, Tuesday, November 1st

Where: L2028 (the computer lab on the main floor of the QEII Library)

Abstract: Care about access to scholarly information? Author’s rights? Research funding? Then you need to know more about open access publishing, a global movement transforming the way that scholars share information. Beginning with an overview of open access, the session will explore success stories from local panelists in the Arts, Sciences, and Health Sciences. Attend this session to learn about:

– Why academic authors should retain copyright on their works
– Practical ways for openly disseminating research
– New initiatives from MUN Libraries
– Success stories from 5 local panelists:

Dr. Shabnam Asghari, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Michael Austin, Graduate Student, Department of Philosophy
Dr. John Lewis, Professor, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
Dr. Jennifer Lokash, Associate Professor, Department of English
Dr. Michael Shute, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies

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