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Speculations III now available!

I’m happy to report that the third volume of Speculations is now available. You can read the open-access journal in the form of PDFs (either of the volume in its entirety or as separate articles) here. A physical copy can also be purchased here.

Of course, we’re not resting on our laurels. Most of the Speculations team (with the unfortunate exception of Fabio) will be in Basel next week for the Aesthetics in the 21st Century conference, where we’ll all be speaking as part of the editors panel along with the folks from continent. In case you missed it, a pre-conference discussion was published in the latest issue of continent., where we talk about the current state and future of academic learning. The proceedings of the conference will be making up the contents of a future Speculations volume as well.

In addition to this, the wheels are in motion for more Speculations, with some exciting developments for the future!

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