Below is some of my work available online:




(2012) with Jamie Allen, et al. “Discussions Before an Encounter” in continent. 2.2.

(2011) “The Inner Life of Objects: Immanent Realism and Speculative Philosophy” in Analecta Hermeneutica Vol. 3: Transcendence and Immanence.

(2011) “The Question of Lacanian Ontology: Badiou and Žižek as Responses to Seminar XI” in International Journal of Žižek Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2.

(2011) “Unthinking Nature: Transcendental Realism, Neo-Vitalism and the Metaphysical Unconscious in Outline” in Thinking Nature Vol. 1.

(2011) “Structure, Sense and Territory” in Speculations Vol. 2.

(2010) “To Exist Is To Change: A Friendly Disagreement With Graham Harman On Why Things Happen” in Speculations Vol. 1.


Papers Presented at Scholarly Meetings and Public Lectures

(2012) Editor’s Workshop Panelist: “The Aesthetics of (Para)Academic Practice,” Aesthetics in the 21st Century, University of Basel.

(2011) “Subjectivity and Structuralism” presented at the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy Annual Congress 2011, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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