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Flesh and meat are life!

Flight of the Reindeer

Check out these paintings of meat by Victoria Reynolds.


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The Art of Kazuki Takamatsu

The images are far too big to fit nicely here, so go check out the work of Kazuki Takamatsu here.

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Fly On The Wall


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The Art of Time and Place


Richard Long sculpts time itself by walking through nature. Simple activity in nature as minimalist art, the aesthetics of intention. This makes me wonder whether we could consider all activity as some form of art, the art of geology, the art of living, the art of…


Besides the art of walking, he also creates simple sculptures along his journeys using natural materials to give identity to place, like the ruins of a lost civilization.


This makes me think of inuksuit and inunnguat, the latter of which I used to build on the coast of the Bay of Fundy.

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How it would be, if a house was dreaming

Simply amazing 3D projection by Urbanscreen.

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The Architecture of Absence

Ghost House
Courtesy of Pruned

I have so much I want to say about this “urban graffiti of absence,” but am going to hold off for now until I’ve gathered my thoughts.

(Check out the Flickr Group, The Unconscious Art Of Demolition for more of this.)

I also want to take the time to collect some things that will, eventually, make their way into The Bones of Ghosts, whatever that ends up being. Consider this “Notes Towards Furthering ‘The Bones of Ghosts.'”

One thing that needs to be included in such an architecture of absence is “Reverse Graffiti,” like this:

Also included would be the work of Daniel Libeskind and other contemporary architects for whom the whole is found in the absence of parts, that is, where perfection is found in fragments. An example of this in fiction can be seen in the Second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, which, though seemingly incomplete and imperfect, is actually much greater in power than the original.


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like thousands of tiny eyes

I love this piece of art by Enrique Muda Bull (courtesy of DesignBoom).

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